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  1. Watching that it just seems as if they don't even try to clean it, its horrible watching bikes be bashed
  2. haha I wish they were 36hr weeks, more like 50+, it was so unbelievably hot then, ive never had sweat run off me from just sitting down haha! Yeah the long hair didnt help, but oh well haha
  3. Shame there were no clips or you and joe riding josh!
  4. haha oh dear.. forgot this may come up! Thanks guys. Glad to entertain
  5. That feeling of accomplishing something, the feeling when someone better than you tells you that you did well! When your boss says thankyou and he's impressed That first sip of an ice cold cider after a days riding on a hot day with mates. Thats feeling of meeting a new girl and it feeling like you have know them ages, being all relaxed around each other. Watching a real nice sunset or sunrise, or just seeing a view thay stops you in your tracks for a slight second and makes you forget everything When a song that you forgot about but used to love comes on and makes you smile! Or a song that comes on and has relation to a current situation, always makes my hairs stand on end that!
  6. Really nice man, really enjoyed that, awesome concept and nice to see different things being done with the sport
  7. Hello all, Here is mine and Frazer's prc video, was fun to film this and be a part of it, may frustrating hours working out moves, especially the 7 second one! but i had much fun doing it and being able to communicate with someone completely new in the trials world. Anyway i hope you enjoy it.
  8. Whats the deadline date now? Has an extension been added
  9. that would be awesome, basically a lot better put of what i was trying to say by underrated, his technique and style is amazing and not many people know because of limited footage, his last proper video was what 09? be cool to see some more new videos of him!
  10. Jitze pads.. awesome in every way.. highly recommend
  11. he's saying that Because aren't exactly know for there amazing build quality when it comes to this sort of stuff..
  12. its soo cool that joe got the opportunity to do that, i sometimes feel that he's a massively underrated rider sometimes? he's such a power house and one of the nicest guys ive met
  13. ive entered, gonna be fun to see what everyone gets and the pairings, may even use the mod and stock for this, double mix up
  14. with them the best way to bleed it is like a maggie. from the bottom with a syringe, push it up from the caliper and into the resivour then as it fills up keep taking abit out till it comes through clean and bubbleless?
  15. its the siddy badmen minus me.. :L