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  1. That happened to me after to be working during months.. Take a look my game, maybe you will get some ideas for yours. (only for pc)!tREnAKqb!765KTxMsXJFL6Q_4uzR2ysU3zXIKT3-EHapbZYaghdA
  2. I bought a new piano some days ago, happy for it
  3. What is the best result of all us?
  4. Haha that looks great dude. Good work! Bunnyhop next time?
  5. Not asking, just surprised. I really don't care
  6. Looks really awesome. Impressive work dude
  7. I thought you were in Barcelona these days..
  8. No idea why is this shit still here.
  9. Awesome spot to ride
  10. Nice video! I enjoyed it
  11. hey, i filmed alot in my latest trip and i still had some unused clips on my phone, i added them with some fails to make this little edit, enjoy.