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  1. I thought it was only me that had this issue, my left knee ends up black after every ride.
  2. Id love to try this also @kimosabi
  3. What about the 1155's? Still cheaper than DS2500. We have run 1144 in our 172 cup for years now and not had any fade, even at Blyton.
  4. That Fourplay was mine, it was on the standard avid adapters, I switched to hope and ran 203's and had no problems since. Lesson learnt!
  5. Ah next week be much better for me, will let you know for sure nearer the weekend
  6. What sort of time you planning on?
  7. Seen this on Fabio Wibmers facebook, New Fourplay frame im assuming. Definitely looks different on the downtube and seat stays.
  8. I've ordered myself the Hope adapter and yea I have already put that saint bolt in. I've heard the trial tech pads are softer backed and stick to the pistons more than the others so maybe worth trying some of those next.
  9. It was a standard avid/sram mount that came on the bike. I never swapped to a Shimano one for the reasons you have said. I think I will get a hope mount and new rotor and wait for the warranty to come through and hope it doesn't happen again.
  10. Hi Guys, So this happened this afternoon. Caliper, rotor and mount all need replacing. Getting the caliper replaced under warranty but I'm concerned its guna happen again and the pad rock is pretty bad, From what I can see the caliper broke at the front, then twisted and snapped the rear part when it rolled back bending the rotor. So I'm pretty sure its the Caliper that broke the mount rather than the other way round. I've seen a few photos very similar so im guessing its not just bad luck. I'm looking at other alternatives, interested in the Magura MT7 but don't really know much about them. Have any of them snapped in a similar way or have any other faults I should be aware off before splashing out a fair amount of coin for them. Cheers in advance guys.
  11. Hi all, Looking for some help, I've got myself a 2013 Zoot and I'm struggling with the brakes. I have upgraded the pads to the Onza Ice ones but the front is lacking modulation and the rear is pretty appalling for bite even with a booster, So apart from upgrading to discs which i've priced up at around £200 (wheels, cables, rotors, calipers and levers) is there any other options I have?
  12. i wasnt aware there was a trial place there. Ive been to the MX track but never noticed anyone on push bikes
  13. Hi all, I'm Matt, I live in North Lincolnshire in a small village near Barton. Last had a trials bike when I was 12, Onza t master and then a Monty x hydra. Now 14 years on I've just bought myself an Onza zoot. Been out on it for a while today and it did feel very strange but I've read this is normal. Hoping to get better with some more riding.