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  1. Inspired has nailed the geometry for street. Do you want to ride street or more pure?
  2. Learning to ride trials on rear disc brakes can get expensive. I switched back to rim brakes because I found myself not trying certain moves after I'd replaced a number of rotors that got mangled.
  3. I tried this with a Norco Manifesto, then bought a hex. I can learn moves on the Hex and then transfer them to the Norco, but learning on the Norco was frustrating. If you want to learn actual trials you would be light years ahead picking up a used trials bike for learning.
  4. That is not in my present or future, but good point.
  5. Spox tried something similar about 15 or 20 years ago.
  6. Here you go... Much cleaner
  7. I drilled a hole in the back of the fork's steerer. Worked fine. Thanks.
  8. I cannot find any info on how to route the front brake cable through the steerer tube on a hex. I have the threaded top cap with the hole for the cable but there is not enough space between the tire and the fork to clear. The only way I can see is to drill a hole in the back side of the steerer on the fork. Is there something I am missing? Thanks.