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  1. No front brake as an excuse haha
  2. That was great ! Props to you all, really liked Duncan's commitment in this one ! John's bike control is insane, smooth balance. Powerful aswell. You have to see him ride to really get it ! Videos dont even give him justice haha. He did a similar 3tap whip on a rail at Lyon last year. First go. After a beer and a maxi tacos. Casual
  3. I always enjoy the way you make them edits ! Nice one Z !
  4. Simply Loved it. Both sides : riding / Editing. I love to think this was much more inspiring than all the whips and tricks we've seen recently. Spot usage. Balance. Creativity. Control on point. Trials actually.
  5. Such a great edit dude!
  6. I liked it. Always refreshing seeing your videos. That hook was no joke! Love the bunny tap at the same spot. funny song too
  7. Mind blueing! Awesome lines. The way you escape from crashes is impressive, like the way you pull them! Hooks
  8. Always a pleasure to watch you riding. On every bikes.
  9. It's not today'riding and it does not deserve its own thread so here it is. Minute Insta edit
  10. Thanks for the good words guys
  11. It's been a while ! We decided to mix our clips again. Filmed in France and Estonia during autumn/winter. Edited by @zhenya
  12. Woo Sweeeet! Last 2 lines were mind blowing. Props to have recorded those clips in only 1 day!
  13. This is another level of wizardry. Not only about whips and tricks.his clips recently showed how much he improved in trials this last year. Can't wait to see you both working on a banger edit!
  14. This was awesome. Have no words to say how much I love his riding. Inspirational so far.