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  1. This is another level of wizardry. Not only about whips and tricks.his clips recently showed how much he improved in trials this last year. Can't wait to see you both working on a banger edit!
  2. This was awesome. Have no words to say how much I love his riding. Inspirational so far.
  3. For some reasons, everything is 110. 9 mini edits. Featuring 110 Riders. Swipe left at right time to keep the groove haha! Hope you guys like it! Trials never die.
  4. I am not sure you would like my feedbacks I got some issues with rust and Chainstays length running 22/16 and simple link chain. V1 though. Anyway. It's strong and kinda arcade feeling geo. I can't know about the V2 and its new features.
  5. I loved it. Banger Édit !
  6. Haha glad you liked it. Thanks for feedback!
  7. Kinda liked the last video ! Though I still don't know how you manage to have 7505 people to watch on your insta feed haha must be a real mess. Maybe that's why you keep commenting the same smiley everywhere
  8. Italy was such a good Trip! I thought it would be cool to put these daily clips into one video. So nothing new for those who watched them already on Instagram! Hope you enjoy!
  9. I had to stop and replay. Many times
  10. I won't copy my Youtube comment about sections I loved haha! It always please me to see where you put your camera. Framing is smart, sometimes more aimed to the spot than the rider and I really like how it looks. You've got so many "signature" moves, gesture I don't see anywhere else and it's always surprising to see how you mix creativity, brakeless limits and skills. Time to re-rewatch!
  11. Time for a rewatch before heading off to spots ! Great energy Z . It gives lot of motivation !
  12. Would like a video to illustrate it as I don't really see what that "roll back" can be. The only think I dislike in this up to front gesture, is that I have to push again pedals to get the endo. With that tiny "roll back (45°round) I could have horizontal pedals on the endo without having to pedal cancel if that makes sense. My english comes to a limit when I need to understand/explain gestures :/ Actually I don't overthink it. I wanted up to front to two 90 an obstacle and it happened. I will work on the steez once I really get the technique on odd heights. Swapping wheels or 90, from both sides, straight forward and 180 up to front. No hops is already a pain Ha! Will practice them some today, thanks for advices anyway