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  1. Loved it. The song fits great aswell. I've got many "smile times" and it brought me back nice memories of our ride at Liverpool. The bunny tap 90 were so satisfying. The nose 270 to wedge was beautiful. (Inspirational) Did not expect that cab footjam over as many others moves. Favourite line must be the "wall slide" one with that massive hook 90 at the end. Thanks for sharing. Gave much motivation!
  2. Haha nice dude ! Guitar Impro suiting the riding is a great idea !
  3. Loved it Ricardo! That nose 3 manny was brilliant! Can't wait for the next big group ride I won't miss it this time haha
  4. Inspirational ! Each video you release give so much pre ride motivation ! Thanks for sharing. (If I remember well, John Langlois did Bar to nose press drop in. Instagram story years ago. When he was riding the Iron. I asked the video but it may take some times to find it haha )
  5. I use KMC 610 since years. I need to trust them chains. I wouldn't keep them for too long in any cases. They are cheap, so it's fine. 15€ every 3 months is nothing (while riding 10/+15 hours a week). Tubes cost well more than chains actually. I recently been told that E-Kmc are actually strong(er) I might give them a try. But I won't change something that works fine since years if I still find them z610 on stock. Will see once they'll be discontinued. I already snapped CULT (are they made by kmc ? ), shadow and Gusset half link (the worst).
  6. Fun one
  7. Pedals hop
  8. RJ

    Inspirational so far! Thanks for sharing. Not sure I've seen them before though I loved Rowan . Love watching them "old" edits as pre ride motivation. A new account on Instagram recently shared lot of great footage. Old/gold stuff : @Glasseyetrials
  9. Been a while since I posted here. Still read topics often though Been off bikes due to a job in a ski resort, then locked down... Today was my first "true" session actually ! Hope you guys are doing well
  10. I really like the way you go for stunts and jibs on every bikes! Bike control on point and well thought lines! I often rewatch your old footage for pre ride motivation! Something that Instagram can't do. Keep up the big screen edits! They rock
  11. No front brake as an excuse haha
  12. That was great ! Props to you all, really liked Duncan's commitment in this one ! John's bike control is insane, smooth balance. Powerful aswell. You have to see him ride to really get it ! Videos dont even give him justice haha. He did a similar 3tap whip on a rail at Lyon last year. First go. After a beer and a maxi tacos. Casual
  13. I always enjoy the way you make them edits ! Nice one Z !
  14. Simply Loved it. Both sides : riding / Editing. I love to think this was much more inspiring than all the whips and tricks we've seen recently. Spot usage. Balance. Creativity. Control on point. Trials actually.