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2006 Magura + Dx 32 ! Won't Fit


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Hello all,

Well, i just bought an 2006 magura hs33 EVO2 brakes (same as the 2007). and it won't fit my frame!

I have a Planet-X AliBongo frame (2Bolt) with DX32 rear rim (39mm wide), when i installed it on the evo2 mount and when the cylinders is at the far-est point it still touch the rim!

Is there a solution for this?

If not what brake would i buy? V's maybe? 2005 magura from somewhere?

Thanks in advanced, i really stuck and can't ride!


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On my brisa b26 frame i ran a 47MM wide try-all rim, and evo mounts that did not rub until the wheel died, you properly have a narrow rear triangle you may have to get a new rim, could try filing the pads down a bit?

Liam (Y)

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idiot, lol flip the evo mounts round, they have offest themselves, you must have them pointing inwards not outwards lol

yeah but the evo2 mounts are not offset and are central so he can't fit them


but if you want to get the brake to fit then you have to get the original evo mounts which are offset so it should give you enough room for the rim (Y)

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I had the same problem on my Giant. I wanted a Ronnie on the rear and found it wouldn't fit without filing the pads down.

So thats what i did!!!

If you have a grinding wheel or something like that, its so much easier than filining. just a grinding wheel and mole grips and your sorted.

hope this helps.

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