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  1. Yeah they are c**ts, they didn't even steal anything because there wasn't anything in the car. Just chancers. Fn2 is lovely though, it's the GT spec one too.
  2. It was the accord that got broken into, the night before I traded it in. I've not bought Lee's.
  3. CDS tube or T45 for the cage. Custom cages will do a complete cage all pre-bent for you that you just weld together yourself. When I looked at one for my EK9 it was around £500. In other news, I've replaced my daily. I now own 2 civic type R's, one an Ek9 the other is an Fn2.
  4. No.
  5. Wobbly civic door with no cage you say... You mean like this?
  6. Not a great deal Danny, only a few hundred quid.
  7. Days at donnington or even Oulton are just expensive, plus Cadwell is better. I'd do any other than curborough though.
  8. Proper race track, all of us book on, job done. i suggest Cadwell park October 24th with open track, not because I'm there already or anything.
  9. I voted out because I felt it was the correct way for me.
  10. I think he said the arch has had some work done to it previously yeah.
  11. I believe my friends was a P1 edition Rx8. It was looked after by a Mazda specialist in Doncaster.
  12. A friend of mine had a Rx8, it was some sort of limited edition thing, think it had more power than a standard one and spec'd differently but... Apart from it using far too much fuel and oil it didn't ever break down on him. He had it around 18 months too. They just need looking after a little more than a typical car that's all.
  13. Mmm moist fox.
  14. Could of had my coupe all that time ago!
  15. 1 windscreen wiper and blown bulbs?