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Drop Goes Wrong

Dave Anscombe

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like i said ben my drops on that day were shocking........was deffo an off day ..even ross g said dave what the f**k was you doing it like that for

A well il get it done nice and smooth for the next video......so check back on it then (Y)


Thats what happens if you try to run before you can walk.

If you can't do it perfect everytime off a 6 foot drop, whats the point in going any higher?

ummm like i said it was an off day..im usually smooth as buggery..........can you do the same move perfectly every single time ?

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Jeezus guys calm down, whys everyone critisising his techniquie and stuff? Damm were all different and do things different ways so just leave it out. to be honest i would like to have seen you hurt yourself a bit more for it to deserve its own thread... :P

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my tech on that day was awfull..

Just looked like you started to drop the front and lower your arse a bit early, then it's really hard to do any correction hope... I've done it a few times, always makes a mess of things, haha.

New rims and bits will be with you tomorrow mate (Y)

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