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Endurance Set Tonight, 9 Til Midnight!


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Sorry to spam, but a few people moaned I didn't post up last week so they missed the show :)

This week I start at 9 not 10, so you get an extra hour (Good for those that don't stay up late!)

Get in the Java Chat at renegaderadio.co.uk and get your shout outs as usual. For those that had problems, ignore the safety warnings when you enter, the chat room is safe...

See you all there!

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One side of the mixer died, so I played a couple of tracks just without mixing and then the other side went... with a really loud fuzz sound :|

Now the mixer turns on and the mic works but neither deck can be heard :( :(

Denon - Dead Eradicated Nonfunctional Obliterated Noiseless

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