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Worth Getting A Diff Bike?


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Basicly i'm wanting to get into trials so i've got myself a 16" dmr trailstar with rigid forks and lx disc brakes and components. I'm 6ft 3 and was wondering if 16" is maybe a bit big and should i be getting something a bit smaller??

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Dependant on your size, 16" should be absolutely fine for picking stuff up on. Look at the old Marts/Hans Rey vids etc, from when 16" was considered a small frame!

If you decide trials is for you later on, you can then look at committing a bit more money to it for a higher, more specific bike for the job, and by this time you'll have gained a better idea of what style/kit is best for you (don't be scared to ask for opinions of course :P)

If you really want to spend some money, start with it such as a decent brake set and drivetrain, as you don't want issues with these failing as it generally tends to hurt when they go!

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if you decide a trials bike i would get yourself along to a group ride some time and have a go on other folks's bike to see what you like,im sure no-one would object to it .then once you've decided what geomentry suites you i would browse ebay and /or get validated and buy something nice and cheap (Y)

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