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Odyssey Electronical


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Considering the team they have, I think they probably got as close as it was possible to get to making a shit video. It didn't make me want t oride at all, a lot o their 'big names' had better sections in other videos recently, and in general it just felt a bit 'meh'. Seriously, Insight or Tomorrow We Work - both blow Electronical out of the water.

This is the opening part of Insight, to give you an example http://vimeo.com/788359

Oh, and I didn't really like the lack of ambient sounds in Electronical. Combined with the production, it just felt so sterile...

EEEDIT: 50:50 "That's It" is a f**king amazing video. You really should see it. It's up on Google Video as far as I know.

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To be honest, everybody has gone a bit 'The Collective' - hiring/buying expensive dollies, jibs, cranes etc. This style is a bit old now I think? (Even though I have a small Jib arm of my own haha, but only for basic aerial pans etc) Mark, you're completely right about the Dakota Roche section, its already blown even a trailer out of the water haha! Perhaps Electronical lost their feet a little with what riding is all about - its not fluid at all, I mean riding is fluid, but the stuff inbetween riding aint smooth - security, police, stacks, trying a trick over and over until you get it! Im sure there are plenty of people that bum the Electronical style of film-making but it does get a bit bland after a while - they like to play with focus in the trailer, maybe they need to alter theirs a little! Ok I think ive been a little harsh but I dunno lol Oh also, people seem to be using Mini35 adaptors a lot now too, I think this too is over-used. I was considering buying one, but I think raw-shot video with a few lenses is good enough! Which is why I hope 'Seasons' from the guys behind 'The Collective' is going to be decent!

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Generally, it seems people who aren't riders like Electronical, and people who are riders don't, from what I've seen. Whenever it gets mentioned on non-BMX forums people cream over it, but you bring it up on a BMX board and people complain about Taj's section being relatively boring with a 3 minute intro explaining 30secs of riding, then a couple of decent lines on his home ramp. Mike Aikten's 50:50 part blew his Odyssey part out of the water. Chase Hawk had a way better section in Chill Bro. Aaron Ross had a nicer section in Grounded (And some say Chill Bro). The list sorta goes on, but yeah, it's just a bit of a let down bearing in mind just how good their riders are, and how talented the filmers are, they just appear to have dropped the ball a bit on this vid. The last Odyssey team vid was so, so good, but this one just felt 'meh', really.

But yeah, definitely look into Tomorrow We Work Jonny, it's done by Joe Cox, the guy who did Voices, to give you some idea of the levels of radness.

50:50's "That's It" was also probably one of the best videos I've ever seen, despite being 'just' a shop video. It's got the best atmosphere of a video I've seen, and the riding's all mental.

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