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Sam Nichols

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The brief..

I want two pairs of shoes.

One pair skater style for riding in.

One pair do everything shoes for general non bike riding activities. Duties may include, but are not limited to; Luring in the opposite sex, slouching, chilling, drinking, shopping, etc etc

Both pairs need to be wicked cool and ultra awesome. But I dont really know where to look for these?

Ive tried alans bmx, kates skates, ASOS, chain reaction cycles and not really seen anything i like :S

Any ideas?

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I've recently been really pleased with my Nike 6.0's.

Other shoes I own I often find that after using them for a couple of months the back part above the heel starts to shred apart and the foam backing comes apart meaning it feels gay to walk in them, but these have had no problems whatsoever after using them for 6 months plus and look pretty much as new.

They also give you strong sneaker game looks.


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My riding shoe:


(I have three pairs in dfferent colours :$ so i normally wear a different pair)

Casual shoes consist of:


best shoes ever, I also have addidas gazzelles, nike court traditions or somthing, and some other more chavvy fred perry shoes, but I dont really wear them too much..

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I found the Nikes quite tight, I got 3 pairs of nike courts size 10. and tried a pair of Nike 6.0 and they were too tite. 11 were too big.

Etnies Faction are nice though! Would ride in them though, they are quite thin soled




High top look cool. or Mids!!


Alex, they won't be stolen, just fakes.

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They are butt ugly.

For casual i'd put in another vote for Adidas. Any colourway you like of Superstars, Stan Smiths, Gazelles or Forest Hills.

For riding i've always liked the feel of orchid, i hate the look of jus about all skater style shoes though to be honest, will probably get a pair of black adidases to try riding in (cos all my white ones will jus f**k up super quick lol).

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I should say really, for riding I used to wear Globes. For chilling I ususally wear Nike's, Air Max 90s, Air Max 1's, Vortex, Vengeance, Elite, etc. New Balance also make awesome shoes, check out 1500's, 574's or 576's. Or could get something like Saucony Jazz.

Why has no one said http://www.size-online.co.uk/ yet?

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