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Well guys, i shot a lot of this footage over a year ago, with the intention of out doing my last video... I don't think i have achieved that. Some of this footage is good and i always intended to use it, and some of it i never intended to use but its been laying around half-finished for about 18 months now so i just bodged it all together in a video and this is the result.

The reason i never finished it was because i have pretty much given up now, riding my bike less than once every couple of months, mainly due to uni and other commitments.

However, i might be back - i have recently broken up with my girlfriend of 18 months, so now i wont be spending weekends with her you might just be able to get me back out on my beloved bike!

Down loadable link

Youtube Link

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hi mate

I remeber your first vid, it was really good!!

this one is awesome also, some nice riding!!! is it possible to have a downloadable link? :)

Cheers man, i'll try putting a download link up later today... will probably be tonight thought so ckech back then (Y) Glad you guys are liking it :)

p.s. has anyone noticer the spelling mistake yet? :$

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Hey Phil, long time no see. I've been much the same recently, my bike has sat in the garage with a few cobwebs and a broken king for ages. Anyway nice video! It finally arrives, I remember watching the first version of it... about a year ago. We must have a ride again soon. Sorry to hear about your missus though man... Anyway I'll catch you on msn some time.

(P.S. I was hoping that last clip was going to be the 5 in a row! But things like that never appear on film :()

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