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Msn And Microsoft Are The Shittest Things In The World


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Some of you may have noticed that you HAVE to download the new version of Microsofts MSN to get onto it. Its all well and good, if you can actually download it!! :angry:

Ive just spent the last hour googling, configuring and fannying around with settings that I have no idea what they do, and I still cant download the installer. What happened to the good old days of "Right click save as" ?

Heres the website to download from: http://g.live.com/1rewlive3/en/wlsetup-all.exe But everytime I click on it it says connection refused, you are not connected to the internet...when clearly as Im typing this I am. Idiots.

It did the same thing when I tried to click on the check email button on the last version, it said the same message. Its really pissing me off now, as Ive got uni work to do and want help over msn, but because of this retarded problem I cant do it!

Can anyone help? Im not sure a setup file will do the trick because you need to be connected to the internet to download the files. Im on a wireless router, turned off AVG and the windows firewall, repaired the connection restarted the computer. Im running XP.

Thanks in advance guys

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Ive downloaded the new one and it says im not connected to the internet

Typical Microsoft rubbish, Im using a old version of windows messenger in the mean time and that works :D

Hope someone here knows how to fix it as the version im using is very annoying

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