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New To Forum Not So New To Riding =)

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I thought my first post should be a little introduction to who I am.

My name is Chris Ellison or 'Khoie'I have been riding on and off for 4-5 years? :P

I have had countless different bikes, preferably classics, back in the day, when Pashley's were as cool as cool got. :) Like my steel frames, I have had Megamo, Curtis, and now riding a 24" Fresh products with bmx bits and lots of homemade bodges here and ther to make her feel homely :) As you can guess, love street! But am partial to a dabble of anything that's thrown at me.

I have just got back into riding trials after a break, mainly due to college and work and BMX, so willing to ride anywhere good to get the old joints working again! :)

p.s. I love bikes :rockon: x

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