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The D&B Thread


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Im after some new tunesss! Im getting sick of my jungle, and sub/log/high/london elek/danny etc etc, I've recently got into Mt Eden and I'd love some more stuff like what hes pumping out, can we leave the heavy dubstep out of suggestions as I'm really not keen!

Just to give an idea of the stuff I'm really liking at the minute:

Any and all suggestions will be listened to! Thank you very much for all your help!


P.S. I know theirs a fair few base heads on here so I figured it would be nice to have a single place to chuck all of our genre love into! If you feel this should go in a music thread or BOTI then please do go ahead and ignore this, but I'd still like some new tunes!

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Download the Hospital record podcast and also get your hands on the Hospital Mixes series, can get them off itunes for around a fiver a piece. Got 6 & 7 myself and there top notch, about 10 tracks with a hour or so mix of all the tracks at the end, done by choosen DJ,


Edit: Just re-read your topic, might not be what your after after all, still worth a listen.

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Yeah man, Id prefer D&B but lets just get anything out here, Id like stuff where I can get hold of a whole lot aswell, so maybe some good albums and stuff, Mike you know any awesome ones?

"This is drum & bass" mixed by High contrast and London elektricity is a great album, have a look into it :)

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