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Birchwood Park Camera Test


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Hello everyone,

Went out on Sunday to do some some filming, then boshed all the clips into Premiere and here's the result. Video isn't perfect as I only had a couple of hours to edit and it's the first proper footage I've shot with our new camera, but I was pretty happy with how it came and and hopefully it'll be worth a watch :)

Riding is by Martin (mostly) and Jim (couple of clips), music by Zero7 (forgotten the title, sorry!)



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Nice riding spot ! It seems the trials video scene has finally figured out that decent cinematography and edition a la skate / bmx clips looks soo much better . ( gorgeous ) Track is Zero 7's " Give it away . " Is this further preparation for a possible Tartybikes full video / DVD sometime ?

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Very chilled, but that is because music track and silky smooth camerawork, pretty much set the tone and mood of tranquility. Certainly an interesting and unique perspective for future trials videos, making the sport more pleasing to watch to the naked eye.

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