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Siberia, Spring And My Hydroxx


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а теперь комплит:

koxx hydroxx LT

handelbar try-all carbon

cranks tensile

freewheel eno trials

chain КМС810

headset echo tr

front wheel:

rockman hub 28H

tryall hole rim 28Н

echo sl spokes

speed king supersonic 2.1

rear wheel

crisis hub (172 gramms)

dt competition spokes

rocman hole rim

mountain king supersonik 2.4

sprocket echo tr 15

front rim brake echo SL with white echo pads

rear brake echo tr with tryall brown pads

pedals wellgo mg-1 Ti

BB- reset titanium

fork - echo pure 2004

stem tryall 3d

top cap monty

















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ow....1.8kg lighter than my Coust :

Strip those pedals....spoil it,

hows the tyre combo?

As for front tyre- I used it last year - IMO the best tyre for technical riding, so for this season I bought new this tyre

As for rear tyre very good pumping, like ruber queen, but tooo thin walls. - risk of often flat tube

Rusevelt, - thanx, mate)

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They look like Echo lites I think.

I think you are right, I just checked that SL comes with disc only. So are they stronger? Definetly not the new echo range because I can't see anything but URBAN and SL

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Looks perfect appart from the pedals. Front tyre is perfect however the rear isnt the best choice in my oppinion. Mine was awefull, pinch flat after pinch flat......

I ride smooth trials, so I had flat tyre just once for 3 weeks of riding.

But I'm afraid that rear tyre could be breake if some razor type trials will be on its way

As for pedals - its from my old bike from last year)

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