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Cracked Frame Help


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Ok so yesterday my friend noticed my frame was cracked on the outside of the brake mount, but then because of where it is I thought the pressure isn't going there much so if I got it welded would it be fine ?

I have added a picture to show where the crack is with the red line. (not my frame though)

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Surely if there wasn't much pressure going there, it wouldn't have cracked?

I'd have though a lot of pressure would be going there, from the vibration and flexion(sp?) of the brake.

As has been said, warranty is your best bet.


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Aluminium can be welded without heat treating it afterwards, but it's a strange technique and I'm not familiar with the details. I know someone who got a set of forks welded like that at the disc mount and they last at least 6 months, I don't actually know if they resnapped or not.

In theory if it cracked once, it'll crack again eventually unless you put less stress on that area than before.

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