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Ankle Protection


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Yeah I do, I wear these:


I don't like riding without them now, they are the most comfortable things ever and do the job 100% well.

Surpose. If you a 'Ex-footballer' Or have some old 'shin' pads lying about. You could cut the 'Shin' part off. And just use the ankle protector bit.

The white part at the bottom.

See here.

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Does anyone ride with ankle protection? I keep on bashing the inside of my left ankle on the chain stay.

I ride with shin pads which have attached ankle guards on them, i bash my leg against my frame when doing turns with the back of my frame which are greater than 45 degrees.

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how about old motorcycle boots

Funny you should say that, I find the best way to make bike trials a piece of piss is have a session on a moto trials bike first!

Everytime I got back from a trial or summat would have a play on my heavy tools and it'd be the lightest, easiest to do anything on bike in the world!

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