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GU Typhoon 06 - Winter Ready


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Got the bike sorted for winter, few changes here and there, don't really post pictures of my bike on the forum but I'm pretty happy with it the moment and there's too many new bikes about haha.

Weight is unknown but it must be pretty light cause there's no dustcaps or bar ends in at the moment (A)






All that's left to do now is to wait until summer and get a smooth rim back on there :)

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whats the spec?

GU 06 Long

Echo urban V and disk (2009)

Echo SL headset in purple

Echo SL stem 170x30

Trialtech high rise bars

Rear racing line lever, with a splitter on echo slaves with old school cousts (by the looks of it)

Front SD7 lever, can't remember what arms but I think heatsink yellow pads...

Front wheel is echo TR on old school echo hub, non disc. Try all sticky

Rear wheel is echo urban with grind on chris king BMX hub. Slicked creepy crawler


GU cranks 160mm

Echo TR pedals

KMC collapse chain

Tarty bash?

Think I got everything right...

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Think I got everything right...

Pretty close haha. SD7 Arms. Atomz bash, KHE collapse, and a trialtech sport lite bb, they were the only things you got wrong there

as far as I see winter means rain. like loads of rain.

Would not a slick tyre have 0 grip at every condition, do not mention grass?

If you pinch gap and preload properly then you don't slip, simples.

Knobbles have no grip in wet/ice anyway, just less rubber touching the floor :teehee:

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