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Inspired element questions


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I am looking at the inspired element or fourplay for a first bike. I was wondering why the element has disc brake in front and a rim brake in the back and wether it would be better to go for full disc.

brakes are personal choice at the end of the day, discs you'll usually have just a sudden stop and not much feel, but vee's and HS33 you get a bit of feel for them, but they don't work as well on the front as discs in my opinion. I have a maggie on the back and a disc on the front, i find it easier to do front wheel stuff like pivots, controlled nose manuals and up to fronts n stuff, but pads on the front are a bit strange for me. doesnt mean discs are bad, just what you prefer but at the end of the day, its what you wanna use ;) hope that helps or you even understand what i mean! i cant explain things properly to save my life :P

EDIT: when i say "feel" with pads i mean its less of a sudden stop but they're not shit brakes at all, just give both a try. discs you have more modulation which is like control so to speak. hope that makes sense, i tried haha :)

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I would wait for the new Element 24" as it has disc front and back :D

That's what I'm getting :P

sorry but what was that Skye you were looking at on pinkbike? its fine, you can test mine for 27 seconds when its done and then get a 2014 element :P

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