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Top ten Comp riders for style


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Since I hardly ever post on here except for in the for sale section (plug) thought it's about time I contributed something...
Name your top ten competition riders in terms of style only (posture, agility, just general beauty to watch - nothing to do with level of ability) Past and Present, 20" and 26"...

I'll Start

1. Gilles Coustellier / Jack Carthy...
3. Abel Mustieles
4. Cesar Canas
5. Giacomo Coustellier
6. Morgan Vassor
7. Ben Slinger
8. László Hegedűs
9. Pierre-Charles Thomas
10. Chris Akrigg
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Aurélien Fontenoy is my favourite rider at the moment. He just looks like he's having fun, and actually enjoys riding a bike, unlike Gilles who looks like a miserable twat most of the time, and does it because he can't do anything else. I said to Carthy at last weeks trial at Shipley if he didn't beat Gilles this year he's gonna get a good old fashioned Yorkshire slap. UK rider wise, definitely Jack Carthy, he's the best there is. People I've rode with or watched, Rob Poyser is up there. He makes it look so effortless on a mod, really smooth style. And he's done the world championship thing as well. I was talking to him and Danny butler last week about stuff and they were both reminiscing about the world championships that they'd competed in. Anyway, I digress

Aurélien Fontenoy

Marc Vinco

Vasek kolar

Abel mustieles

Benito Ros

Jack Carthy

Andrei Burton

Gilles coustellier

Chris akrigg

Ot Pi

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Has to be Fontenoy at the top!

Aurelien Fontenoy


James Porter

Lazlo Hedgedus

Kieran Whitefield

Jack Carthy

Ali C on the seatless rig


Benito Ros

Micheal Nowak

Jakub Krol

not all comp riders i know but some are too good to miss out!

plenty more but the list is getting large as it is

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