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  1. Theres a load of us in the south west - in both Cornwall and Devon. Theres a facebook page called SouthWest Trials which you can join but I'm not sure how active it is. Also, Andrei Burton is Exeter based still i believe, he'd be a great person to get in touch with. Hope this helps!
  2. Do you know which frame/mark/model this is? Picked up the same one myself a few months back which I'm slowly building up!
  3. Cheers John! Yeah thought that may have been the case, was thinking it would be nice to have something similar fabricated at some point down the line. Appreciate it.
  4. Anyone out there know what the geometry of the prototype Pashley was? I'm struggling to get on with my modern comp frame after a few years off and am after something a bit more bike-ish. I'd ideally like to try and find something similar.
  5. Not sure it's quite as hefty as the Brum tap in question, but the tap at 1.35 always blew me away, especially with the short chalky run-up! Also stumbled upon some other old vids in my liked with some rather sizable taps on offer:
  6. It's mainly in the knuckles on the little and ring fingers but through the palm not the back of the hand. I run 05 4 finger Magura's with Coast pads so they're fairly sharp, maybe a move to V could alleviate it a tad?
  7. I've barely ridden since moving down south 4/5 years ago now. I'd go on the odd ride very occasionally and find myself having fairly bad pains through my right hand almost instantly which stopped me from riding for too long. I don't really remember when it started just that it was after I stopped riding regularly. I always presumed if I left the bike for another few months it'd heal or I wouldn't notice it as much but that doesn't seem to be the case. Has anyone had any similar issues in the past and could maybe recommend some remedies? I pretty much rode 3/4 times a week fro the age of 10 through to 19/20 so it could just be repercussions of overuse. Really itching to get back on the bike again so any advice would be wicked! Taa.
  8. Learn to pinch gap dude, you'll end up getting so much more of your power into your gaps. At the moment it looks like your relying on the back wheel rolling off for momentum when you'll get much more with the tyre compression on the edge. Cool video though, love some of the spots in Liverpool.
  9. No doubt the best video I've seen in a long time! Stylish as hell
  10. Going to Buthiers to ride on pallets... Some things i'll never understand. At least the riding was decent.
  11. You really are a colossal anus. I don't know how good your geography is but Canada is an 8 hour flight at best from anywhere in Europe, and to fly there for each competition is a massive cost in travel alone in comparison with a tank of fuel needed to drive from France to somewhere like Belgium (which would probably be funded by their respective sponsoring companies anyway). Have you heard of Yess by any chance? The company that he founded? Very narrow minded to think someone would ask for complete funding and just sit there on their arse waiting for others to pay for them without putting any work in themselves. It is definitely a problem as it is also why many of the top Chinese riders don't attend the worlds because the travel costs are too steep. I'll donate a couple of quid, think its great that you're so committed to riding that you'll pay/travel so much just to compete Jeff.
  12. Not 100% sure the switch from GT was down to Kenny wanting to change, more so on GT's part...
  13. So much style! Didn't check the length before watching and was expecting it to be a full video from the way it was going. The riding more than made up for it though!
  14. I like to think of it as down to the beauty of the walls at castle park Did have some better clips of it but thought they'd be best saved for a proper edit! Just felt like a bit of stab from some for having said opinion, not on your part but there you go
  15. Few from Bristol a couple of days ago Won't bother trying to explain again on the riding side of things as it seems if an opinion doesn't fit in with an exact forum criteria it must be scrutinised. I'm sure i'll grow tired and give up with the forum the same as everyone else has fairly soon.