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Koxx Kloud Karbon.


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Hi, i've recently built up a Koxx Kloud frame and thought I'd share a photo with you all.

Spec is:

Koxx Kloud Frame
Koxx Karbon Forks V2 Edition
TrialTech Sport Lite BB
Tryall Elite Cranks

Tryall 7075 Pedals
Monty Freewheel (Still yet to skip and its about 5 years old)
Front Echo TR Rim Laced to a V!Z Hub

Rear Rockman Rim Laced to a 2013 Onza 116mm Hub
Tryall Sticky-lite Tyres
Tryall Karbon Bars

TopGun Stem
Front & Rear Magura HS33's with 4 finger blades.
Coust Pad Front


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Very nice, just get some white rim tape on the rear.

Also how does it feel riding with such a low set up eg bars, stem with no spacers.

I've actually changed the bars back to some TT Highrise, it now feels spot on!

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Last post of the day, hope you guys feel honored as I'm still on my 3 post per day curfew.

I made the new account as I've done a bit of growing up and didn't want to be tied with all the childish behaviour I was doing on the other account.

The frame feels spot on to ride, the lowish bb and high front end makes the bike feel like it actually fits me. Previously I was on a super high low front end comp machine and I was just no good for my knees or back. This thing actually feels like a bike and doesn't feel like I'm just going to ride into things like all my previous bikes have felt like. It's really good for bunny hops and rolly stuff (did a 40" wall, bunnyhop to manual the other day)

Anyway so far so good, plus it's lasted 5 weeks. Must bera new record or something.

Cheers for the comments!!

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