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  1. Ace edit!! It got me thinking about just how awesome it would be if you did a joint edit with Leon Neill, Shub & Judders as you all have that style where it would work really well.
  2. There is apparently a few others around York that ride with @Jack Heard (From Bridlington) and Frankie (Attends Hull Uni). You'll probably both find the Facebook group 'Tartybikes - Rider Finder!' handier than the forum these days for looking for local riders.
  3. It was most cheesy puffs eaten according to the UCI trials Instagram
  4. Such an accomplishment calls for a beer? I did dry January but I did require a beer on Saturday after paying my tax haha
  5. Don't be silly! It's not personal we just don't agree. JD is probably out of his mind on homebrew right now anyway, thinking about horses.
  6. Brilliant. I hope I am not adding to the savagery right now but brilliant.
  7. Really enjoyed that and the different styles you all seem to have. Some really casual stylish lines from yourself with some just as casual riding from the others alongside the music it all set a nice feel to this. I did cry when a foot jam whip appeared haha
  8. What's fascinating is that I genuinely thought it was 74 head angle and 1015. How it's meant to have a steeper head angle yet is longer doesn't make sense however if it is the reach will be longer which would actually make it a much more exciting frame to contend with the Hex.
  9. It's a shame Echo have decided not to opt for horizontal dropouts on these. Reading the geo's they've gone with a pretty nice choice actually @isitafox
  10. Marino was using a 2 piece fork that consisted of a bonding and a weld at the bottom on his steel forks that kept failing so he did go to tapered head tube on his trials models but has since resolved his issue and the standard forks are now much better. I have had last year an issue in communication with Marino and I would avoid ordering a frame off him. After seeing lots of recent posts regarding people buying frames and having a long wait time he has levelled up on my custom frame order. Resulting in my buying a frame elsewhere with the money set aside for him.
  11. Loved it Ben. The 180 gap to front and pivot over was brilliant.
  12. Only a dedicated follower would wait an age for the page to load up Ross. Just face it you're absolutely hooked on Mike Beck and Scott Wilson #fanboy. I keep checking these to see if you go and ride any other cool places like you did with Chai @Scotty Evil1. It would be cool to see you do more of that sort of Vlog but do more of a "Calling the shots" rather than sections just as it would appeal more to those who aren't from a trials background also. Both on the rocks and street. I really enjoyed that.
  13. Exactly. I don't see why Specialized couldn't offer him something similar. Looking at the pinkbike thread potentially his manager was in a really good position to just jump him on Canyon for a good pay. Having both bikes promoting them makes full sense. Just like Danny on SC.
  14. How come Thom, Ben Travis, A-A-RON and Yucky cushy isn't on here? The website would be more fun also showing the supported riders on there Shirley? I kind of expected Fabio would leave for some kind of carbon Specialized so this only really came as a little bit of a shock. I think for those riders putting out edits on the MTB's and Trials it makes total sense to only represent one brand like this. Akrigg wise I am still going with Cannondale after the "This is a test" T-shirt.
  15. Absolutely hooked Jason. That's just the teaser, next week it's a Grifter and he gets his tights stuck in the c*nt...... cog
  16. Very excited to hear it Dan!
  17. You're far from shit Jamie. My new favourite TGS'er Keep it up! Look forward to seeing the ones that go away
  18. Worth the BUMP as Ali's behind the scenes to his latest video just absolutely sh*t on 99% of the proper edits I've seen in street trials this year. Seriously good work on the latest edit @Ali C @Mark W. Looking forward to the Malaga edit!
  19. @Ali C lowering peoples ego since 2001.
  20. Let's hope you rode your bikes in Malaga.
  21. It's strange that you rode a mod for so many years and moving to 26" wasn't weird, even though people was used to you on the old Monty/Deng/newer bikes. But moving back to 20" seems weird for some reason? But it would be good to see you back on one.
  22. I was told that I need a front brake and to be fair if I entered one I would fit one to the bike just for the down slope parts. I would love to enter one.Let's see what 2020 brings.
  23. You can do some really impressive things on your bike and I just think they are wasted on these edits. The music just isn't for everyone and really doesn't go with your riding. Raw would be better or a more ambient if you have to use certain things for copyright? The flickering effects and massive use of your name is just cringe worthy Mike. You don't need to shove it in everyone's face in that way. Your riding is literally the only reason people follow you and the only reason I like to check out the odd post you share, concentrate on that and relax on the other stuff please. Just being honest here as you could genuinely put out some fantastic media in my opinion.
  24. I really liked this one from the start. I don't always stick with the commentary just skip to the riding but it was good to hear your thoughts on the day and admit where you weaknesses are. Really cool to see some of the sections keeping similar routes to what some of us have ridden in the past. Also quite enjoyable seeing two different ways of tackling sections. It would be really cool to see more Street'y guys getting out on the rocks and giving these ago it would be fun to watch and great for the comp community. Those bails were fantastic Ross!