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snapped trial tech sport light disc 26


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Any move to front are going to stress the f**k out of a set of forks, its not really that impressive?

I didn't have a clue either then. Thanks. Will check mine every once in a while then.

The disk brace spreads the load, but generally if they snap, its just above the top of the disk mount.

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one doesnt check his/her disc mounts every ride.couldve been cracked for a while without you noticing.

does the surface inside the crack have shiny areas or different coloured zones?would be evidence for it being cracked for a while

This. If the metal is a dull colour, means its been cracked for a while. the shiny parts are fresh cracks.

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No it's all very shiney. I was surprised how bright it was. And actually I did happen to check there before today's ride.

My bike was also stripped down to the frame the rebuilt in between my most recent ride and the one before so would have noticed then as well.

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I posted this thread to let people know, that they're not as good as people say they are. Does it void warranty? No so who give one that I have a powerfully brake. It must be at least relatively surprising as I was surprised when I did it and there has been not even the slightest hint of any of them snapping. Also it's more surprising that I have snapped them and tunnicliffe hasn't

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you could have a bad batch? like i said, all the pictures ive seen is of saint calipers snapping clean off themselves.

Just because one monkey broke a set of good forks running a savigly good front brake wouldnt stop me from buying them :wink:

It only took one person to get the hs33 ones recalled. And tbf he bought them of car they and he had been running them for 6 months.

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