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  1. He's not looking too good either... The vlogs have been really good so far, so don't give up! Maybe something like a bike check would be worth filming?
  2. I've never cut mine, but rubbing them down with a pumice stone is one of the best feelings ever!
  3. Has anyone tried the Orange Four? As an ex-Five owner I'm tempted.
  4. Starchem worked well for me on this
  5. Was just about to post that, I wish they were quicker but the build quality and humour/voice-over make the wait well worth it!
  6. Holy shit Ross!
  7. You're using Squarespace yeah? There is an option to have icon links to external sites like FB, Twitter etc under 'Settings' 'Connected Accounts' Also the 'Avenue' template is a very popular one, I use it too! The issue with SquareSpace is a lack of templates that seem to be available!
  8. Well travelling down to Coningsby for a week to work on base so had to book a hire car. This french piece of shit turned up....was hoping for a Fiesta. Do people actually find these cars desirable when you can get a Fiesta for about the same price? Gawd the interior is terrible, the manual doesn't even fit in the glovebox!
  9. Bit late on this but does your neon guy have a website or anything?
  10. Who says Danny doesn't have any TGS/pure trials skills? That last jump though...!
  11. I enjoyed the other stuff apart from fire and knifes, like rope and knots, sailing (obviously not all troops can do this) and other things but we never did any signing for obvious reasons. Oh and 'wide games' were the best!
  12. To be honest young boys are in the scouts to play with knifes and make fires (oh and try not to get touch up by one of the leaders of course). Not to was doomed from the start.
  13. Trails or Downhill? These might be a little out the way: Bit closer to Aberdeen: There are lots of non trail centre places too but the weather is getting worse up in the Highlands that you might be a little limited. There are also some trails near Stirling University in the woods by Dumyat/Blairlogie ('27.9%22N+3%C2%B052'33.2%22W/@56.1536623,-3.8918322,3055m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 park here:'52.4%22N+3%C2%B054'16.3%22W/@56.147883,-3.9067087,741m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0). Also Carron Valley trail centre near Falkirk but it's pretty basic. Hoepfully Ross will be able to post some stuff closer to the Glasgow area.
  14. That isn't good. Reminds me of the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (the modern one!)
  15. The problem is that the Police aren't really equipped to deal with most mental issues. Unless the person is violent or has committed/intends to commit a crime they can't really to anything apart from keeping them in the cells overnight and trying to get a doctor out to them. Problem is that a lot of these specialists/social workers don't work 24/7 which means nothing really get done. You can only do so much to help your friend, especially if he doesn't want it. Any parents/guardians you can contact?
  16. Might be worth a call to NHS 24 for advice, your friend might need some urgent medical help if he has sudden gotten worse.
  17. DVLA MOT History website is now up and running:
  18. What is the current road tyre of choice for something that is good in most conditions including wet Scottish B roads?
  19. You should get Petrolicious to do a video with him!
  20. I was just about to suggest this. Hardtop is always good to have!
  21. No rust too!
  22. How long are the going to keep it off the road for? Just sell it?
  23. Well from the phone call from the garage it seems the MX5 has spectacularly failed its MOT! Two sheets of failures apparently. Brakes/exhaust/joints all need attention...
  24. That's completely insane, 21 murders!
  25. The fact that I can easily, with one cheap tool, fit or remove a BB in about 2 minutes makes it the winner in my eyes. If your excuse is that you mess the threads up then maybe you shouldn't be fixing your bike in the first place.