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Upgrading Zoot Brakes


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Hi all, Looking for some help, I've got myself a 2013 Zoot and I'm struggling with the brakes. I have upgraded the pads to the Onza Ice ones but the front is lacking modulation and the rear is pretty appalling for bite even with a booster, So apart from upgrading to discs which i've priced up at around £200 (wheels, cables, rotors, calipers and levers) is there any other options I have?

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Yeah. Change the cables to something decent like linear slics, and set the pads up so there is no toe in, ie hitting the rim flat. Try these things before you cough out for disks. Unfortunately zoots are pretty flexy at the rear, so there's not a lot you can do

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I agree with the above, I would firstly try out getting a block of tar and rubbing it onto the brake surface of your wheels.

That 90% of the time would improve your braking from the word go.

To help you out if you decide to get a grind and if you are stuck take a gander at: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/media/guides.html

That will show you how to grind the rear wheel and your brakes will work instantly better, Also: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/vbrake_pads/c84.html any of those pad's prices £25 and above are all pretty decent and would last a fair amount of time with a grind.

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I have a zoot These were the steps i took .

Avid sd7 levers and calipers

onza citrus pads

Brake booster

decent cable and i think a teflon coated outer.

smidge of tar--Note tar +smooth rim in wet =no brake-So be careful not to get the rim wet.

I went from maguras bled with water +brakebooster +grind+all kinds of amazing pads To the set up i have now.

I wont ever use a magura again....totaly converted to vee's

Hope this helps :)

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