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Magura HS33 2014, lever snap, bar clamp snap, not exactly durable.


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I would not recommend that anyone buy this brake, it isn't easily to fit, serviceable or at all durable.

Right from the get go this brake started leaking fluid on me because the joints were not tightened up enough, then I ended up rounding off the pathetic plastic bleed screw and a few rides later the plastic bar clamp snapped during a move. All this was bad enough but to top it all off, the lever snapped as I was back wheeling something.

The lever seems to have been made of very thin cast aluminium, rather then a forged or cnc lever which would be stronger and might have bent a bit before snapping. With all these plastic components and a cast lever I can't help but think Magura have tried to save money in production at the cost of a much less durable brake.

I'm perhaps not the smoothest rider but from my experience of riding I'v never had a echo or hope lever just snap on me whilst I was back wheeling something. It's not like I crashed it badly at which point the lever snapped, I would have excepted this as my own fault. If like me can you cannot honestly say that they never fall off don't expect this brake to last very long.



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