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Begravelsespolka - Flipp, 15 Years


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So this has been my little pet-project for the past few days...

The Short Version:
I'm six months late for this but I've been riding for 15 years now. Here's 7 minutes of me at full-tilt from during that time.

The Long Version:
During the summer I passed my 15 year riding anniversary but I was too busy riding to sit down and make this.
I wanted to make a video of all my biggest and bestest clips so I can look back and feel that it's all been worth it.
It wasn't intentional, but the earliest clips used were filmed in 2011, so it's weirdly my highlights of the last 10 years, even though I made it because I've been riding for 15.

The process was horrendous. I have around 1.5TB of raw clips, made into 123 videos (some are of other people, and yes I'm utterly devastated that this didn't turn out to be the fateful 128th video).
Those 123 videos total 9.5 hours. I cherry-picked the clips I liked the most and came out with 56 minutes.
I was toying with just uploading that chronologically but then thought "no-one wants to see that", so set about whittling down further to make a single, regular video.
I've been wanting to use this song for about 8 years but always felt my riding ability couldn't support the intensity of the music. If my flat-out best still isn't good enough then I never will be, so I decided to just risk looking obnoxious.

The result is this 7 minute video, containing clips from 54 different videos.

I'm not going to name names in case I accidentally miss someone, but a handful of you (and you'll know who you are) have put a frankly ridiculous amount of time and effort in to helping me along the way - even if that usually was just a case of waiting hours for me to land the damned line. Thank you for that.



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Flipp its been said many times but your skills on those little mods is just incredible! This best of vid just shows the years of service to the craft and the result is nothing short of a trials legend! Without exaggerating.. you must be one of the most talented trials riders out there.

Long may your days be filled with the joy of riding bikes. Hope 2022 is a good year for you (Y) big thumbs up and to all those who have filmed for you.

I wonder, have you ever done much on a 24"? Ive seen a few clips here and there on your stock, but nothing on a 24?







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16 minutes ago, sharn said:

I wonder, have you ever done much on a 24"? Ive seen a few clips here and there on your stock, but nothing on a 24?


Thanks very much :3 Though I dare say you're overstating things somewhat.

I had one of the original Zoots for a couple of years early on. I liked the idea of being an inbetweeny-do-everything, but never really understood how much it was holding me back until I got back on a 20" Levelboss. It seemed fine at the time, but yeah... They were not so nice. I also flirted with a 609 just before going back to a mod and it was even worse.

In more modern terms: 24" aimed at pogo-sticking - not really a fan. They just feel like they can't make their mind up as to what they are. 24" street bikes - GTFO. Never ridden one that was anything better than Slightly Horrible. Reeeeeally dislike how they feel.

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The answer to was it all worth it? It is very simple, it is yes! Absolutely epic, when my 2 boys are being shown how you ride a bike - I will clock work orange them in front of this…. For hours

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On 1/1/2022 at 12:24 PM, aener said:

containing clips from 54 different videos.



There were a few clips i'd never seen in there that were incredible. So good!

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