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  1. Riding with a friend in East London this Sunday. Anyone welcome to join. We will be meeting at the Victoria Park paddling pools at 11:30. Let me know if you plan on joining (07555721178) Matt
  2. I am away for work in Newport on 21st May and was planning on riding that evening. If anyone wants to join - show me around let me know. Matt 07555821178
  3. I’m interested in finding more out about the Halo. Looking for a hub that will bolt straight into the Alias I have....
  4. Seems like a good idea. Be interested to know how it works. I have a trialzone which I have taken off the bike as I like my bite point quite far out and it means the lever is further than my finger and have lost the lever a couple of times trying to grab it. This could be a solution!
  5. I recently snapped a Caliper mount after a Shimano mount bent outwards in the middle. I have got some chunkier ones on now which seem fine. Think they are old Hayes ones. Good luck with the hope
  6. You have a choice here - depends on the style of riding you are into. With the T- Rex would probably be more suited to pure trials and a street bike would feel more comfortable straight away with your Bmx roots. If you are looking for a future of hopping stick with what you have - if you are wanting to throw some of your Bmx heritage in a street frame would go down well. Either was no rush when you are learning - keep an eye out for a hex if you wanted to swap the bits over and stick with 26 or a cheap 24 inspired. Few in The for sale section at the moment that look good. I have had a mix of both in the past and currently use an 24 street trials frame just to give me access to both sides of the coin rather than one discipline. What’s most important is to get out and have fun :-)..
  7. At about 13 years old took a trip to Poole Dorset with my mum to see my grand parents and on the local supermarket was told I was allowed to pick a magazine. Saw MBUK and it had a free VHS so grabbed it. Turned out to be a road trip in France with the Martyn’s and Gilly riding on it. I was already heavily into riding my bike in the woods trying to copy my dad on his motorbike however as soon as I saw them hopping about was hooked on the idea of trials. I bought a pair of knifen forks and a small cog and dmr bash ring to go on my Planet X jack flash and I was away. I then came across this forum and made friends with a guy called Luke Edwards who was old enough to drive - he used to ferry me around and I owe him a lot and also sold me a pashley 26mhz which got me properly hooked in. I kept riding until around 18 - at this point I did waver a bit and had a few bad crashes on my Bmx which put me out for a while. However I always came back to my trials bike - it was kind of my happy place! I always knew I’d have a huge grin on my face nailing a gap or an up and still do - ( joints are a little freakier these days and the gaps and ups a little smaller!) in a nutshell I’d probably sum up a few things: MBUK - I bought it religiously for years for the trials section and the token trials article about someone or the yearly Saracen competition. The internet - when I was starting out you’d be downloading 10 second clips of the trials kings which then turned into 5 minute videos and the trials kings where huge influences on my riding Trials forum - I used to spend a lot of time on here, section 7 and observed - felt like there was a lot more varied topics and I suppose I had a thirst to learn more Friends - I made most of my friends through riding so was a chance to socialise and be out on my bike. Now - fitness, fun and future - I have a young son who I now have a desire to keep riding for to pass on and enjoy some time with as he grows a little older doing what I love ( 10 weeks old - so not quite there yet). thats probably enough rambling from me - it’s a very different landscape for kids now a days so I guess the old methods won’t always translate for now a days but I’d love to see more popularity and more kids getting involved to keep it alive.
  8. Hi, I am working in Liverpool Wednesday and am staying in a hotel near Lancaster, wouldn't mind a street pedal in the evening in any of the above areas if anyone is able to show me around? Message me or drop me a text on 07795454864. Matt
  9. Missed this however if you are around Harlow often I live about ten minutes away and ride their often. Let me know
  10. Hi, I have thrown my bike in my car for an impromptu visit in Falmouth and would like to ride tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  11. I have ram maguras and an echo and always return to a well setup v. Sd7 arms and levers. A reasonable linear cable, shimano Carbon booster, can't remember which pads they are but not prices clear things and when we'll setup better than anything else I have had. Have stuck with it for the last 4 years no complaints and they are a hell of a lot easier to maintain rather than bleeding and simpler to setup, i got fed up of hydraulic brakes and went cable front and rear and have had the best setup I have had for years with the above.
  12. Why not ride east London? You won't be far from there
  13. Can't wait, still rocking a 609. Maybe time it was hung up and replaced with another lesson!
  14. I run a lesson 609 and am opting for some marino's they felt a little more old school than the inspireds with some trialtech high risers. Works pretty well. If you fancied some leeson forks I have some in reasonable nick?
  15. Leon- is the grip considerably improved and is the puncture prevention better? I am assuming yes to both but worth checking?
  16. I'll give you 50 for the frame )
  17. So that'll mean 1st march then? ;-), I'll head down and see if I can get some locals out and about?
  18. You shouldn't reuse them, designed to be replaced
  19. I know a little late in your week but I would be able to offer a ride next Saturday with a few london locals? (Potentially a kid week evening ride) There are spots dotted all over and you will typically find something to ride no matter where you go' marks guide is a preety good start, there are plenty of spots around elephant and castle too etc
  20. I have spent the last 12 years of my life using skate parks and have definitely seen a change in etiquette / usage since that time. I think it goes hand in hand with part (not all) of the youth today being more self involved than previous generations. General rules I used to see but don't anymore - no snaking - be cautious of letting others, don't try line after line - don't stop on something people are using - never ever try a line that someone is trying that are having trouble with a make them look like a fool when you do it first time - egg each other on but no need to be over competitive - it's a bout fun with mates not one up on each other I am sure there is more but the general rule of it back in the day was " don't be a dick"
  21. How tall is this kitchen sink you're trying to bunny hop up to?
  22. My answer to your question would be no, that is if you can find an alternative method to get up / over / around what you are trying to do as that is the nature of trials. I think the question you should be asking yourself is more, do I want to be able to bunny hop when riding trials? With any move you can choose not to do it and you are still riding trials, just decide if that's your chosen path. As with moves you have practised and now succeeded in doing with the bunny hop it'll take practise, whether you end up being able is down to your patience and willingness.
  23. I would probably reserve judgement until you understand what impact designer / engineer was going for when they created this design. I would also note they look like relative high rise bars which may complement the design as above. I would also consider taking it for free (if it was offered, not that I am of course expecting you have been offered this opportunity) as a stem is a relatively inexpensive component to change.
  24. Great job, one of the most enjoyable videos to watch this year
  25. You are right, it did feel a little quantity over quality for me with to much repetition, same move alternative back drop.