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Zac123 (play_satan@hotmail.com)


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Just wondered if anyone knew zac123, he's not been online for nearly 2 months, and he still owes me £35 from a while ago.

I've got his address, but he's ex directory, so if anyone knows his telephone number, it'd be much appreciated. (Y)

On his profile it says he's got a 20" levelboss, but he's also got a 24" (i think) street bike, with black kings all round.

Mike. :P

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Update; I've had his phone number for months now, and before he just said "yeah i'll send the money on friday" numerous times, and for the last month or so he's never answered.

If anyone does know him, and can get the £35 off him, it'd be much appreciated!


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sorry for the useless post mike but i really do hate people that jepardoise(sp?) the usefullnes of tf and jus dont pay people  ;)

hope you get your money both of you


Off topic: your a new member... How did you post in chit-chat??? :blink: :D

I hope you get your money back mate :P

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Mobile number i've got is: 07708730727, but never answers, so i'm guessing he never uses that anymore.

I've just found his address too!

zac clowes

18 ashcombe road


near leek


st13 7jf

However - he is ex-directory, so i'm unable to get his house number!

If anyone does know him, do help. :S


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