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Unicycle Pics And Vids


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Just browsing about, and found these... very, very silly (Y)

Edit: And vids... oh my word (Y) (some nice biketrials in there too). Remeber, when you see the crashes section, that unicycles are pretty heavy, and have pinned pedals... ouch.


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ok, all three of the vids were truly brilliant!

The pics are also pretty amazing!

I have tried riding my mates uni-cycle, and i cant even get a full rotation of the pedals in. what they are doing takes so much skill, and i bet alot of what i have jus seen isnt even that difficult to do if you ask them. (Y)

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I saw a programme on bbc or channel 4 a while ago about some guy and his kid who both did natural trials on unicycles on huge rocks.

They're unicycles had raceline maggies on them with the brake lever being just underneath the front of the seat.

I suppose either the guys on t.v. did custom jobs to fit the brakes or the peeps in these videos are trying to be cool like bmx'ers who ride brakeless.

Still amazin though.

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That is some mental shiznit u found there dude.

And i am pretty sure, like tart said that they do not use brakes, just the cranks to stop the wheel, but if u have watched Evolve the guy at the beginning with the unicycle had a mag on that, with the lever under the seat and the blade modified so that it would sit in his hand comfortably when he was holding the unicycle :blink:

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imagine gapping to a rail with no brakes :blink:

If you learn to ride Unicycles then its aactually not that hard to stop, as Adam said its a fixed wheel so you just stop pedalling but it is hard all the pressure from roatation straight onto your ankles is hard to keep it held.

I can ride Uni's now and up foot high ledges and higher walls to crank, there neat once you learn to ride them! BUT they do hurt your nads and shins and inside's of your legs :(

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those guys not only know how to ride they also know how to crash with style too.

mental. i have seen some guys in england rail gap on unicycles, they were riding at this show, most of them had no brakes but one guy had a modified magura with the lever under his seat, like kris holm in evolve

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