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Old Skool Trials Video


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Right. Ive managed to uncover this little gem. Its a video i made about 4 years ago before there really was a trials scene where i lived, so i just rode with bmxers and dirt jumpers and this was the result. the quality aint bad but it was made on a proper old skool vhs camera, so apologies.

although the riding aint uci, i still dont think its shit nearly 5 years later, but d/land tell me what you think.

66mb 5minutes long

music is "shoot down" by the Prodigy and Liam Gallagher


ps. yes newport skatepark is an absolute skag den. :-"

enjoy the old skool. man that bike was heavy. :( :(

(cheers to bigman and trials-shack for the hostage)

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dead serious man that is one of the best videos i've seen in a song time, its so nice to see a proper mix of riding skills, dirt jump, street and trials.

awsom video and i'm now so inspired to go ride again!!!

do the video again now with a better camera

oh yeah and wheres that jump spot and wheres the indoor park? i wana go ride them both!!!

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yeah truth be told i really miss riding like that, bit of everything like.

now i'd be hard pushed to do dirt jumps on my bt!

ah, ive inspired myself! im off to re-build the giant!


The riding is all from shropshire, bar the skatepark which was newport. The trails are some we used to waste entire summers building in my local town.

Think they're gone now :blink:

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