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  1. Was it the first Marc Vinco frame? Monsterboy or something?
  2. This is an awesome build great work
  3. Mini seats - which briefly came and went
  4. KOXX XTP - soooo clean
  5. Filmed 2000 / 2001 Filmed on a potato
  6. To be fair it’s been in the attic at my parents house for the last 15 years!
  7. Not Martin's, but this is what it looks like with a black front end. Currently re-building.
  8. Glad I can finally go to sleep now. It’s only taken 8 years. credit to whoever posted this in another thread. also... Hello again Trials-Forum
  9. Oldie but a goodie - and before someone chimes up, it's not mine - anymore.
  10. Echo Urban - not sure on the year - about 2003 I think. Nice mix of street and Comp. http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/gallery/image/14979-echo-2/
  11. Nah it was defo a justice prototype - not the cannondale from the euro road trip vid below. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KHkCxeIsBxA It had a whole feature on it - pretty sure the cover was him side hopping over a bar. Have to keep searching I guess... Any Tartyboys got any ideas? Rob
  12. So, most of you may not remember this - but I'm sure I've seen it online somewhere. There was a section in MBUK a fair few years back on Martyn's very first Justice prototype (the gunmetal grey one) Just wondered if anyone knew where I might find a pic of it? Holla to the oldskoolers. Rob
  13. Shameless Plug Alert. Made this back in 2000 - apologies for the quality, didn't have a digital camera back then!
  14. Yes! Great to see you guys riding again... still got it! Might even be persuaded to crawl out of the woodwork and get back on the bike