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i have a friend who has just setup his mobile account thing, so when hes ever offline, a yellow msn man pops up with a mobile next to him so you can send him texts.

What i want to know is whenever he is online a new group pops up called "mobile" but when hes offline, and the yellow msn phone man comes on, than the catagory "mobile" dissapears.

Surely it should be the other way round.


(I have msn 6 not 7. that beta had too many bugs for my liking, couldnt get off handwriting, lmao)

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imagine how much crap we would loose if we had to pay-per-post

that would save loads of time, bandwidth and actaully make the forum some money (N)"

off course a lot of members would go bankrupt and wouldn't have a PC to visit the forum with.

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How would we know? Its a feature of MSN, not Trials-Forum, go post on a Microsoft forum or something, no-one here gives a shit.

General chat in here but mind the bad language :-

You know you don't have to click on the topic if you don't want to. (N)

I'll just asume its one of those buggs, and will go away with newer vesions.

Thanks anyway

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