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Halve Your Phone Bills!


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I was a bit dubious at first what with msn's attempt at allowing conversations through messenger being quite frankly shit. However i was persuaded and now love it.


Is simple to use, free and allows funky features like using whatever audio file you want for a ring singnal too (Y)

An easy way of chatting to mates without the cost of a phone call (assuming you aren't on pay as you go net access!!)


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If youve ever tried to use the chat thing on MSN, and made a phone call, you'll understand the difference.

No, i mean the audio convosation on msn. Is it worth having another program open all the time?

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I use skype at the moment, and while it's good I'm still rather dubious of it. The problem I have (other than the shitty client) is that skype is currently a closed network, which is a little limiting really. If/when skype opens their servers, or connects to other voip networks I'll be less dubious.

Besides, all the things that are good about skype are really nothing to do with skype, it just happens to be an acccessable voip client. It's voip which is the good thing :)

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once again ma uni is GAY its been banned already along with every p2p program ever... back to the dark ages of paying for stuff

thats a bit silly as they havent banned msn :mellow:

oh well chris once your in a house you wont have any of those restrictions :ermm:

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