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Sundays Reading Ride


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Hello, there was a rather large ride in Reading on Sunday. I was lucky enough to meet a load of new people, as well as seeing some boring old ones. Since I was on the old bmx, I didn't get to ride much so I took it upon myself to do a load of filming instead.

I whooped this baby up in literally like 15 minutes, and I didn't bother with any of the flashy shiznits this time round. I didn't know everyones name, so I decided not to put any in at all. Also, my camera battery kinda ran out, so I wasn't able to film as much as I'd liked. But anyway, I tried to get a bit of everyone in - and because of that, I'm sorry if you're in it and you feel your clip doesn't portray a true representation of your ability, but hey - at least you're in there.

Blah, blah, here's the vid > Click me.

It's friggin' 38mb and just uner 4 minutes long. Sorry but that's about all I could compress it, since the quality wasn't all too good to start off with.

Toodle ooh.

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Sweet little video dude, was nice to see how I completely vadged up that move :">

What was the tune? Thought I heard Sage in there but I couldn't be sure . . . second thoughts . . . Personal Journals?

Really enjoyed yesterday, good to see you guys again, gonna have to come down for those rides more often, I forgot how good they are (N)

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nice one sameer!! was suprised how quick the vid appeared:p

any chance u cud bundle up any clips of me, zip em up n send to me? my msn addy is in ma profile. tryin to get some decent clips together. tryin to knock a little viddy up

whos the guy witht the pink frame? i respect him! i used to have a pink frame but got rid of it when i quite street and started trials, the looks i used too get....

yeah, some dude asked me if i'd bought a 'girls trials bike'. told him i stole it off ma sister. knob ed


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was a really good ride,

silly sam riding with his foot all messed up too ,

even though he wasnt on a trials bike but still pulling some good stuff !

was great, i was drunk though from the night before still so i was abit of balance, lol........ on the train was not fun :S

Good to see me in a the vid :P

awesome anyway,

cant wait to see you all again really soon,



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