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Dmr Revolver Ss Hub

Tom Booth

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I gotta revolver hub but it's the one with gears.... but i can still tell you that the hub is really quite strong and i havn't managed to bend or snap the axle yet. It should come with the allen key bolts in the box. they work a treat and the wheel never slips when using these.

The bearings work really well and the wheel seems to spin forever. However the bearings don't feel as smooth as the ones in my front onza hub, this said they are still much much smoother than looses bearings.

The seals.... well... ermm.... don't really know much about the seal because i've only ever looked in it once when the grub screw on the drive side casing had worked loose and my bearing cap fell off when i took my wheel out..... i only briefly glanced inside but whilst they have got little rubber bits in there I don't reckon they're 100% sealed.... You can just pull the bearing caps off with your hands..... my onza ones don't come off with pliers...

I'll take a look at it in a bit and take a picture depending on how well my camera is working...

hope it helps


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I have one, its pretty good, nothing exiting if a hub can be, it works fine, ACS Claw freewheel is cool.

Im considering getting a hope hub, cos there abit lighter, and I can run more than one gear.

Leave it till you muller your onza hub, or it starts making noises.

They use cartridge bearings.

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Cheers All, i am planning to get one if not that a hope xc, but im thinking of the DMR revolver,due the simplicity of it. Also no need To bother with freehubs ever whearing out or pawls wearing out, just replace the freewheel :ermm:

Any more reviews?

also does anyone know where to get the spares for them, such axle,bearings and what not


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i use the revolver as 'nozmeister'says but im thinking of getting some thing else soon im not sure on the bearings (never had to look) but i know on the geared on the axel can go quite easy and the allen keyy bolts only slip when you really mess up good hub but theres better out there (sorry for the lack of usful info)

ben, :">

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i have one on the back of my spare jump bike and it seems solid-it has a shitty shimano freewheel atm but im sure an acs/eno would soon bring it up to standard

the hub itself seesm strong and reliable(nowt much can go wrong on it reely)

the bearings are smooth and stay good(easy to replace)

the only thing id worry about is the axle-im not sure how much hassle it can take!!

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dunno if its been said but dont use that hub with a rear disk for street or trials, the disk bit screws on and will unscrew if the brake is used while the foce is going in a backwards direction.

before anyone says it yes i know hardly anyone uses rear disks but some people do so its worth pointing out...

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In my opinion it is one of the best single speed hubs going out there. My friend craig has been using his for street/dirt/park and he is one crazy cat. He was in MBUK not so long ago as he tied first place in the Vandal Jib Jam.

He's had his for at least two years and too my knowledge has done no maintenence to it. Still runs smooth and hasn't broke at all.

Go for it, well worth the money.

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