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Rim Tape Substitutes


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Any Suggestions then?

I have just drilled my rim but I cant for the life of me think what I can use as rim tape, I dont have any insulation tape. I do have some gaffer tape.

Any bright ideas?

If I stick the gaffer to the rim then there will be big sticky holes of gaffer tape exposed to the elements, excellent for attracting dirt !

I will buy some rim tape when I get paid. However in the mean time I could do with a quick fix. :D



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im using this green all weather tape (buy from halfords) in my drilled rims, but dont stick it sticky side to the rim have it sticking up once you come back on your self when you wrap the gaffa tape round itll hold itself

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Use the tape. Duct tape is super strong and comes in lots of colors. It's wide, so you won't need to double it up for any rim. Electrical tape comes in lots of colors as well.

Go once around the rim, sticky side up, and then another loop, sticky side down. Depending on the rim width, tape width, and hole size, you might need to do 2 loops of each.

I've seen people use different colored tapes side by side, for a stripe effect, some with different colors in each hole, and some that use wood molding strips like what you find along the edges of bookshelves cabinets etc. Others use a loop of tape sticky side down, and sprinkle glitter in the rim holes from the outside, for a glittery finish. I guess you could smear honey in the holes on the tape, leave the rim outside overnight, and find a nice collection of ants, flies, and bugs stuck to it to impress kids with.

I'm gonna try some 1" wide gift ribbon, with maybe some wide clear tape sticky side up first, and a loop of tape over everything at the end. The ribbons come in tons of metallic colors, so I figured I'd use it.

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