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Brisa 2005


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wellas brisabikes.com doesnt have the new ones on the site, i am assuming that they may or may not be the real ones.

anyway this is what i found when i was looking for some info KOT bikes


what are your thoughts???

after looking for a second time i think it may be a photoshop

im not sure

also after i didnt know what they were i thought i would post a pic of the KOT bike that mr staples is riding




all these found here



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Im pretty sure its photoshopped.

Follow the curve of the seat tube up across the tyre, you can see the darker patch, where the seattube/downtube have been moved. Very nicely done though.

If it is real, then it looks, er, odd (Y)

The KOT really is a nice bike, saw it on the bristol ride.

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Hee hee, That brisa looks pretty funky although photoshopped, reminds me of the blue Giant there were pics of at one stage with just one huge orta oblong shaped tube for the frame. I'm really liking the look of that Kot! 2 Mono Trials (Y) Whats that S/S tensioner? A Surly Singulator bought by Koxx with one of their 'ST' stickers on it or something?

*Edit oops just realised the disks are both Magura Martas, really must look more closely!

Edited by Trials Tom
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think Fat Patt (grantham) rides for Brisa. He'll know what they've got lined up.

Hey jon that isnt the bike as it is still on paper at the moment! The designs are still being jiggled about with Ill keep you posted when I find out what is going on. Expect something about late spring early summer. My video of me on my brisa should be out soon (Y)

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