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Have We Seen This One Before ?


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Thats got to be the worst looking trial bike ive ever seen! Ever! Looks like a monstrous (sp?) 20" downhiller!

But has anybody seen the cortina 26" trialer that Rick Eyre used to ride, now that was f**king lush!!!!



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i see the similarities, i.e.

seatube/toptube being one,

"funky" join between the 2

its similarity to the python doesnt stop it looking like a piece of poo though.

Cheers for backing me up there!! They are 'loosely' similar... but similar all the same!!

Also the fact that the python looks like a pile of poo too reinforces the similarity... :blink:"

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wants tekin back to the scrap yard where it came from....

how dare you,,scrap yards would never accept metal that looks like that..

and yeah i was actually nearly sick wen i saw it,, my mouth just hung open ,,,,


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