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Hi people

Recently i sent money away to a lad called gaz for a pair of monty xlite riser bars.

I sent first class and posted on monday. He still says the money hasn't reached him yet.

What advise can you give me.

Or what do you think the chances are ill get my letter back. did post cash in the letter not a chech (N) .But the money was hidden and didn't stick out or misshapen the envelope.

Ill try and ring Blackpools main post office.

Please get back with your advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers josh :)

EDIT: Posted on my brothers account :) :D :P"

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Theres nothing you can do, they guy on the other side could be lieing, and he actualy has got the money, and he knows theres no way you can find out. :)

Sorry, should have sent a cheque. (N)

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I've sent quite large amounts of money in envelopes, 10+ times, first class, and it's all arrived in time. Have done it abroads aswell, and no problems. Either you're very unlucky, or dealing with a fishy seller.

I've never had a letter lost in transport here, but Sweden might be a little bit different.

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was it in one off them thin envelopes or did you put it in a jiffy bag i always have to put in a jiffy bag. if you have put it in one off them thin envelopes the postman see the money in the shadow and open it and nick it. it's happened to my friend's but it's never happened to me. in the future put it in a jiffy bag, a lot safer, or the seller is messing you around.

ben (N)

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Yeah but he just said he hide it e.g wrapping it in paper folded into thirds etc.

It happened to me with Phil white once lol We were shitting it for 2 weeks, £110 i think gone for 2 and a half weeks , scary stuff (N)

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I once sold a pair of wheels on ebay, and they DID get lost in the post. I'm not sure if i packed them wrong, the printed address wasn't clear enough or what. But i got a form from the post office like number 41 or some thing. Filled that in, 2 months later they turned up. Luckily the person buying them was very understanding and just didn't leave feedback (N)

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