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Spraying Over Chrome


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righty i have a chrome monty x alp, and love it to pieces-tis a great lil bike, but im not keen on the chrome so much now, and id ideally like to paint over it, but the trouble is i seem to remember as a child painting my chrome bmx rims and to my horror seeing all the paint peel off.... :huh:

now just maybe, i did a shit spray job, but ive heard of others having similar problems, so is there anyway of spraying over chrome? is there a speacial undercoat you can buy to allow the paint to stick better? or do i have to strip it? in that case how?

maybe im just stuck with a chrome frame forever....

any help would be appreciated, i could keep it as it is, but its too shiny..... :">

cheers, paul :D

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I'm guessing its not actually chromed, probably just ball burnished?

If it isn't chromed you could just whack a wire wool brush in a drill and take the shine off, then primer, paint and lacquer. It'll probably chip easy though, best bet would be to take it to a propper place where they'll powder coat it and bake it.


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its proper chrome as its a steel frame, its not worth the hassle of gettin it blasted, itll cost far too much, i think sticky back plastic will be the only way to add colour :huh:

im not overly fussed, ill have a new frame in the not too distant future, and its not like the colour of the bike will affect how well it handles.....

cheers for the help lads

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