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New Video! Natural Hathersage

Gaz M

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Video from the other day when we all went upto Hathersage :) edited by Joe, i think the vid itself is great and Hathersage is a amazing place to ride if anyone ever considers it you should deffo go, download and comment please link Here file is Hathersage

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great place to ride just outside sheffield, just dont get caught or it s a nice £500 fine for being on protected land with ur bike!

havent been there myself but the rocks around there and burbage are awesome, so many lines, nice and grippy in all weathers.

quite a few of those bash marks on the turtle head (20 secs) were done by my mate woody.

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wicked video you guys,

biff - you look un comfartable on tht new bike (N) sorry mate...

gaz - MINT RIDING (cant wait to see your next new vid (Y) )

joe - nice riding nice bike (Y)

keep up the great riding,

great vid,

bill :)

ps: that poor sheep :ermm:lol who wistles the dog?? rotflmao!

Edited by billocks
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cheers for all the comments so far. Keep them coming

Sorry smo, can't please everyones needs. and i quite like the song! but i will try harder to choose a better song shall i next time.


No need to apologise, as you said - can't please everyone. The riding was fine and I'm kinda in a bit of a shitty mood anyway so I came off harsher than I should of.

Keep it up.

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WTF!!! i went to that exact same place a few months ago with school :o wieeeeeerd :blink: .

i can remember those stone wheel things everywhere and those rocks that look like animals at the top.

anyway great riding, i was looking at all different lines when i was there lol!

Edited by trialsking 55
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The vid was ok nothing super impressive i deffinetly see a distinct lack of natural practice in your riding. You can still see the streety style riding coming through! i mostly think this is down to the way its edited mind mainly showing one move then cutting instead of like a little section!

still nice bikes (Y):)

Edited by LukeBrisaRider
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