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matt rushton

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They might not be a weak frame but of what ive heard they are quite small, if you prefer a longer frame i suggest you get something else because miniman told me he prefered his t-pro frame to his t-lite, its just to small and i would much rather have a longer frame but its all up to the rider and his decisions, so make it a good one.

If you already have a t-lite and you like it the way it is i would keep it. (Y)

Rob. B)

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I'v had my t-lite for well over a year now. 1 year and 4 months to be exact. I also got my tensiles at the same time, and i'v snapped one of them to put it in perspective.

Yes, it is a short frame, but the front end is quite long really, just has short stays, so it dosn't really feel short.

I hope mine will last 2 years. Then it'll have no warrenty, so it's up for sale.

It's also one of the lightest frames out there at the mo aswell. (maby montys are lighter, i'm not sure).

So yeah, i'm content with mine.

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Hey, i bought one last year for £600 (right rip off) and had it for about 9 month and then it cracked :( ,

then i got it welderd and it cracked again (N).

There way too short aswell.

So overall i think there absulute sh**e. :)

cheers plill

can i ask how £600 is a rip off?

i mean the spec that comes with it aint exaclty the shittest in the world is it.

like it's been said it's not meant for this drop gap stuff altoguh i do it on mine but im not the biggest off people

all frames crack

you gunna call the piles of shit?

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