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How Does Everyone Get Their Money For Trials


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i still do a paper round tis the free paper so knowone mind to much if it doesnt come on time / at all, ive been getting paid £25 a week recently due to there error getting paid 2ce over result eh! well does me well enough and £1 a week since i was 5 and bits ive put in from b days has build up a "bit of a stash" :- for a rainy day you know, i have investments in companys as well. and do some other "bits and bobs :- "

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I busk in the streets of london :-

i wear the scabbiest clothes i fin, and rub dirt in my face and don't shave for a week! makes me about 2p ^_^

joke by the way. my auntie own's a pub / resteraunt so i'm a waiter there which pays 4.25. i make about 75 quid a week.

which i'm saving for a T-mag


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