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Where Can You Get An Alex D32?


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Basically I need a better rim than my awful 06 echo for the rear. But I also need it to be thinner. So I think its going to have to be a 38mm rim, like the cnced echo rims or the ronnie. But I have heard good things about the alex d32 but I have also heard that you cant get them over here.

Any advice on the matter would be helpful (Y)

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Ronnies suck. (Y)

DX32's are the rim to use for trials, unfortunately they're not (to my knowledge anywho) available un-drilled in the UK, only drilled (labelled as "Base" rims from bikedock).

They're the same as Planet-X BMF's and X-lite Phatso rims, which all rule. (Y)

They've been out for years, and I've not seen a rim as strong as them that's good enough for trials yet. (Apart from my double mavic, which was very strong, just not dent proof :P)

Mike. :)

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I am also tempted to get an alex rim...the 06 echo rims are TURD!! worst rims I have ever used.

Not liking the narrowness of the alex though :(

actually...my bikeshop (blazing saddles) has 1 planet x bmf rim in...its 36 hole though (dam these echos being 32!) when I get my hope hub I will probably get that :D

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Unicyclists have started moving over from the Alex rims (used to be the only rims before Koxx that didn't die really quickly) to the newer (and specially developed) KH Freeride 19" Rims. Built by Kris Holm for unicycle trials, they hold up to sideways loading better than a normal rim, and people who'd go through 5+ Alex Rims in a season are now using the same KH rim year after year, they're hella strong. U can get them from UDC, 42.2mm width and undrilled.


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I think you can get them at the unicycle shop, or re-branded onza ones from super cycles, on the subject of how good they are I've never had to buy another rim.. I wouldn't see the point in changing unless I wanted something lighter and in that case I'd probably have it drilled.

Top rim best of luck finding one but those two places should be able to sort you out (Y)

Edit: Balls just seen you ride stock.. not sure on stock rims availability.

But from the Unicycle link a few posts up maybe it might be a new choice for 24" riders?


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