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Cable Disks


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I wouldn't buy a mech disk for trials if I was you. I know it may seem like the best thing to do but its worth putting in the extra £20 or whatever and getting a hydraulic.

Just looking around this is the cheapest hydraulic disk I could find.


Can't think why that wouldn't do the job?


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Hey i have a cable disc brake on my ddg its a shimano xtr lever, jagwire cable and a avid bb7 calliper it works mint it feels better than my magura louise on my t-mag so for a bb7 its the sex and when you have put it on your bike pour some water on the rotor and ride really fast then pull you brake and that makes the brake better and bed in more.

Cheers Andy

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I've used BB5s and Hayes MX-2s. The BB5s have more and better adjustability for fine setting-up.

Comparing cable with hydro, one thing to remember is that a cable or cable lever are easy and cheap to replace if you break them. If you catch a hydro hose on something and it pulls out of the lever or caliper (it can happen!), or you bang the lever resevoir and crack it , then you've got to pay nearly the same money again for parts and bleeding kit as the original cost. Cable discs just run ordinary v-brake cables and levers so it's a cheap fix.

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im in the same boat as you mate, is the maggie julie any good??

Yeh they're alrigh but i've got a louise FR which was great straight out of the box but i got it cheap, i would never spend the full price on it. The new avids and Hayes mech brakes are just as good and a LOT easier to fix, fiddle and tweak (Y)

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tom, you saw how good my avid BB7 was workin today there shit hot, best brake i ever used, altho mine is 203mm a 160mm will work just as good with a decent set-up, you get a good lever, and pay an extra bit off £££ for a decent cable and it will last a life time, well a decent amount of time,

i had a louise and i gave it away to use my avid as i love the avid so much more, and havin full adjustment at your fingertips make life so easy

Hope Ive Helped Cheers

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